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Dental hygienist

The dental hygienist course started in Denmark in 1972. From 1st September 2011 it became a 3 year bachelor degree.


As an authorised dental hygienist, your tasks will range widely, from patient examinations and treatments to providing instruction on dental hygiene and advice on healthy diets. Thus, the tasks will involve both clinical work and health-education.

Examples of clinical tasks:

  • Examining and diagnosing common dental diseases such as dental carries, gingivitis and periodontitis
  • Assessing patients risk and giving individual advice on dental care, a healthy diet and treatment planning
  • Cleaning teeth
  • Polishing fillings and cosmetic dental care
  • Thorough tooth cleaning to prevent periodontal disease
  • Treatment with fluoride and protective enamel
  • Treating sensitive tooth necks
  • Whitening discoloured teeth
  • Taking and interpreting X-rays
  • Taking impressions of teeth and making plaster models
  • Attaching and removing orthodontic braces
  • Administering local anaesthetic
  • Ordering medication for use in the practice

Examples of health-education tasks:

  • Investigating different social groups’ diets and needs for better dental care
  • Planning lessons in schools, day cares and for adult groups, e.g. in institutions and workplaces
  • Providing consultancy services to individuals and groups working with dental care
  • Producing information and education material
  • Planning dental health promotion activities in a municipality
  • Participating in interdisciplinary health-promotion work