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School of Oral Health Care

School of Oral Health Care in Copenhagen is located in the Panum Institute. The school is educating dental assistants and dental hygienists.

The training of dental assistants is a course of vocational training that normally takes 3 years and includes periods of practical work in dental offices.

The training of dental hygienists is a 3 year program leading to the degree bachelor of Dental Hygiene.

School of Oral Health Care is the largest school in Denmark educating dental chairside assistants and dental hygienists. Located in the Panum Institute together with the dental school we have Denmark’s largest dental clinic with 230 dental units. We have 45 units for our purpose.

More than 400 people related to School of Oral Health Care daily come to the Panum Institute. Furthermore between 100 and 300 patients are handled in our clinics every day.

School of Oral Health Care has a close cooperation with other similar institutions in Denmark as well as abroad.