History – University of Copenhagen


The School of Oral Health Care in Copenhagen was established in 1972, offering dental hygienist diploma and the first state- recognized program for dental - chair side - assistants.

Dental hygienists program

The dental hygienists program was established in 1972 as a two-years diploma.

The first physical facilities were located at the former Royal Dental College, but early in 1973 the school moved to its own premises in Møllegade, Copenhagen N.

In 1986, the School of Oral Health Care moved to its current address at the Panum Institute. In 1996 the program was revised and expanded to 2½ year.

From 1st September 2011 it has been a 3 year Bachelor's degree program.

The dental assistants program

The dental assistants education was originally a two year program. The students studied one year at the school followed by a one year traineeship at a dental clinic. From 1982, in addition to traineeship-based courses the School of Oral Health Care also offered basic vocational training of dental assistants.

In 1991 the education was converted into a vocational training program of three years’ duration comprising three periods in school, intermittently periods of traineeship at a dental clinic.

Academy Profession Degree in Dental Practice

In 2011 the School of Oral Health Care was accredited to deliver the Academy Profession (AP) Degree in Dental Practice. This is a Post Graduate Certificate EQF Level 5. The education is composed of 5 modules, each of 10 ECTS and one finishing module of 10 ECTS during which the students prepares a larger report with theoretical reflections on a piece of developmental work from their own working place. The students work along their study and most students takes one module per semester. More than 500 students has done one or more modules. Less than 25 students has so far finished the entire education.