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Agency for International Education

The Danish Agency for Universities and Internationalisation is an authority within Ministry of Science, Innovation and Higher Education responsible for supporting the internationalisation of education and training in Denmark. The Danish Agency is also the central institution in Denmark where persons with foreign qualifications can get these assessed and recognised.

This Centre can help you with advice if, for instance, you

  • have a foreign education
  • are taking on employees
  • represent an educational institution or an educational committee

If you hold qualifications from abroad, then the Danish Centre for Assessment of Foreign Qualifications (The Danish Agency for International Education) can help you explain and make use of your qualifications in Denmark.

If you are not applying for immediate admission, but wish to explore your chances in regard to a particular program, then the Danish Agency for International Education can provide a consultative assessment. Case-processing time is a maximum of four months.

The Danish Agency for International Education has published a folder on the Assessment of foreign educational courses. It is available in English.