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Indgang Panum

The School of Oral Health Care is part of the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Copenhagen. The School is located in the Panum building on the University's Nørre Campus.

There are three educations at the School of Oral Health Care

  1. Education to Dental Chairside Assistant
  2. Academy Profession Degree in Dental Practice
  3. Professional Bachelors in Dental Hygiene

The School of Oral Health Care has ambitions to be recognized for challenging and developing students and staff with teaching of high professional and educational quality. The School also want to be a visible player in the field of dental care and education. Through visible results of the above ambition, the School of Oral Health Care wants to be an attractive partner nationally and internationally.

Becoming a patient
Treatment of patients is carried out as part of the training of dental hygienists. The patient care is carried out by students under the supervision of teachers. Particular attention is paid to health-promotion and preventive dentistry. This can be tooth cleansing and periodontal therapy.

In order to become a patient at the School of Oral Health Care SKT, you must have an examination the dental school. After this you will be informed weather you can become enrolled for treatment and be a patient at the School. For further details see the webpage for the Dental School.