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Bliv klinikassistent eller tandplejer

Dental Hygienist

The dental hygienist program is a three-year vocational bachelor program (180 ECTS points). The program comprises courses in healthcare, the natural sciences, the humanities, the social sciences and dental care. It is divided into 12 modules of 10 weeks.



We offer you some of our educational materials. “Dental Morphology - 3D” and “Anatomy of the Head and Dental Radiographs” are web based e-learning programs. They have received a range of foreign nominations for their quality. The book Dental Morphology – Sketches and Pictures is available in our shop in danish, english and dutch.

Dental Chairside Assistant

The education for dental chairside assistant alternates between periods of practical training in a dental clinic and shorter college-based periods. The education takes 3 years. The task of the dental chairside assistant is to assist patients, dentists and dental hygienists and to do x-rags and other clinical procedures.


We focus on internationalization in several ways. We encourage and support our students to take part of their education abroad. Likewise we welcome foreign students and staff to contact us to explore the possibilities to spent time here. We exchange through Erasmus+ and NordPlus. We do internationalization at home for those of our students who do not go abroad themselves eg. we have a yearly international day during which we focus on oral health care and oral health care systems in other countries.